Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Solve Four of America’s Big Problems part 2

How to Solve Four of America’s Big Problems

2) Homelessness

The first step to soving this one is to redefine what America calls a home.
According to the dictionary a home is a residence: “the place where a person, family, or household lives”. Notice it does not say anything about size, shape, or what is inside, only that it is a place where a person lives. Now for this document I am going to give a little more detailed description of what I think a home should be at the minimum. This not saying that all homes should be this way, but that we should consider this description of a home as well.

A home should have the following:
1) Four walls
2) A roof
3) A floor
4) Access to a restroom, including bathing
5) Access to a place to cook meals

These are the things that we as Americans have most often had and want.
Now if you have not read my earlier Blog titled “How to Solve Four of America’s Big Problems, Part One: Hunger”, then go back and read it now. With out reading it, the rest of this will not make a lot of sense to you.

Assuming that America has done every thing noted in Part One of this blog to deal with the hunger problem, then, if you were to you drive down the road, you would see food crops everywhere, but no one to tend to the crops. Well, if one placed a tiny home every half mile along the highways on each side, then we would have a ton of new homes. If we build them using recycled goods, then we are talking about over one million new homes built for the cost of maybe 200 homes or less. The homeless would have a place to live and the crops would have people to tend them. If you don’t think this is possible, take a look a the two videos below, and then come back and read more tomorrow. Now that we have presented cures for hunger and homelessness, tomorrow we will discuss reducing unemployment and present a few simple ideas on how to start one’s own business.

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  1. i really like the idea of tiny homes but i really want something bigger than 100 ft. that won't even hold my books. i think i'm in the middle. i don't want a teeny home but i don't want a huge home either. The one we have now is less than 1000 ft and we could go smaller without a problem.