Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to Solve Four of America’s Big Problems part 3 Unemployment

How to Solve Four of America’s Big Problems

3) Unemployment
To start with, we have already potentially created tens of thousands of new jobs, as described in “How to Solve Four of America’s Big Problems, Part 1: Hunger”. The only way all of the businesses and homes in all of the towns across America are going to switch from lawns and bushes to gardens and fruits is for the government to offer a tax break to anyone switching. Bam: Thousands of jobs are then created. Each town will need a small team to investigate those trying to collect the tax credit to make sure they did switch. Each county will need a team checking to make sure that the town’s teams are doing their job the right way. Each state will need teams checking each county’s claim and so forth, up to the guy talking to the President about each state.

Also, let us not forget the government jobs we described in “How to Solve Four of America’s Big Problems, Part 2: Homelessness”. Workers would be needed to plant all of those food crops along the highway in the first place. They would be needed to build the homes along the highways. After that, the formerly homeless people living there would be able to tend the nearby crops. Also included are the farmers that are now working, selling foods in stands along the road. Imagine a fruit and veggie stand every half-mile or so. Thousands of jobs across America would be created in these ways.

Now to add a few more jobs to this list. Consider the homestead contract the government would make with the homesteaders along the highway. Suppose it contained a clause that provided that each farm donate between 1-5% of its crop to the nearest school system. That would create a lot of new jobs while feeding our kids healthier food. Each town would need at least one person whose job it was to check the farms on a regular basis for health code violations, such as the use of pesticides and other stuff you would not want your kids eating. Also there would need to be a team of people to take the food from the farms and divide it between the schools.

As most of what I have said so far only works if all of America works together, I will give some real world advice on how to start your own business.

1. If no one wants to do it, it is a job you can potentially do.
2. If it is trash to someone, it could be money to you.
3. Start it yourself.
4. Do not wait. If you do, someone else will do it. If you do it and fail, do something new. One day you will not fail.
5. This all sounds so easy you might say it is too easy to be true, but I say truth is easy, so this must be true.

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