Friday, April 7, 2017

Join The Freedom Team

I consider all that read my blog to be part of my TEAM!
A team of people around the world that are trying to free themselves of the oppressive system that keeps them enslaved and dependent on them!

I am Living proof that any family, no matter how poor, can become free of all monthly bills! That they can produce their own food, power, water, and profit at home. Freeing themselves to able to spend time doing what they love.     

I have been teaching all this now for two years. (the food part for 7) That has always been at the local level, now I want to open the methods up to the world.

I was inspired by the open source solutions that the Window farms project has had. (if you don’t know the project watch the video below)

Windows farm project

So I am posting the first of 11 books on how to be free that I have made in hopes that you all will download the first book and add your own knowledge then send it back to me to be posted and together we can improve on the proven steps I have already taken to become free.

Here is a link to download the first book.

Some notes on this book as it stands.
This book was made as a text book for a classroom that the 5 keys had to be taught in one week each. So in truth the whole book was meant to be taught in 30 hours. Of class room time plus home work time  

This book  has two main goals, one to open the common persons eyes to the fact that there is ways to become free. Two to help prepare the readers mind for freedom. 

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  1. This will be a great resource for anyone ready to self reflect and reassess their life, whether personally or professionally.