Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spreading The Kindness Rainbow

The music is from the great bringers of light "The Rainbow Family band" it like this video is free to be shared and passed on changed and used as you see fit as long as you are doing good with intent  and not acting with greed.

Now here is a Funny joke that is true

A preacher, an ex-con, a witch, a pre-school teacher and a attention deficit disorder teen run around town handing out sandwiches.

Each month for as long as we can for see we will be holding a local kindness event. And we hope you who see this video will start holding events in your town. And then posting them

After all anyone who has done an act of kindness knows how good it feels and that feeling is addictive you can even go as far as to say kindness is a drug won't you become a dealer today.