Friday, September 12, 2014

Taking down our sweat lodge (Manabu village)

9/12/2014 morning thoughts with 3 days left to the move.

With only three days left before the big move, I am getting a little scared to be honest. But it is not the off grid thing that is scaring me that is a dream come true. Take last night as an example, I dreamed that we pulled up to the land and it was not a barren waste land but covered in trees and there were homes being built on each side of our land.  In the dream there was a elderly couple walking up the road    At first I was happy In the dream then I realized as the couple got to me and I asked them if we were in the right spot and they gave me that look I know so many of you have seen, the look of what the F#$%k are you doing here you low income piece of scum that city folk give to any one with long hair and tie die on.
They said to me yes we were at the right streets and that there were lots of new homes being built then they moved on whispering to themselves the hate and judgment one feels within the city on a daily basis. And that is really when my dream turned in to a nightmare I realized we were not far enough away from city’s and that any day the cops or government would be there to tells us we were not good enough for the community being built there and that we had to move on.

When I woke up I was reassured by my wife that we had called the code enforcement of Lassen County and that they said to us on the phone no one was out there to complain about us!  With only three days left and nowhere really to go if it does not work, I just have to keep my joy over the possibilities higher than my fears.

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