Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I want to live longer

So to day is my daughters 4th b-day, for those that do not know up until around 6 moths ago i did not have a child of my own while i have helped raise 3 foster children and several  god children, did not truly have a child i could call my own, i know that sounds bad after saying i had foster children  and i want it clear  i love all my kids but my three foster children all came to live with me when they were 17. so i missed out on a lot of the land marks, which i think in truth has made me a better dad to my new 4 year old ,Hope who has truly brought hope to my life, because of her i want to live longer, I want to be there when she is old. so as one last gift to you on this day, one you will not even know about till one day when your 16 or so and you look this up to day for you my love my little roma princess i quit smoking tobacco!!! Happy b-day