Tuesday, July 13, 2010

words from my hero’s part 3 "will Allen"

“You can’t inspire someone by just talking.” - Will Allen

“When it comes to changing a thing there’s a lot of talking and not a lot of doing.” - Will Allen

“You've got to touch it ,feel it, and see it; that’s how you understand the energy of a thing.” - Will Allen

“Its not about money its about the passion.”- Will Allen

“Where all connected to the earth, even if we don’t want to admit it.” - Will Allen

“Its not always about the land sometimes its about the people.” - Will Allen

“Your never going to reach a point where you know farming down pat, ask a 80 year old farmer and they will tell you that there just starting to learn how farm.”- Will Allen

“Farming will keep you grounded.” - Will Allen

“Being a good farmer is harder then being a provisional athlete” - Will Allen

“Farming is a art form” - Will Allen

“Farmers should be held with the same respect as doctors for they both keep us alive and healthy” - Will Allen

“Join the good food revolution, grow your own.” - Will Allen

“This is a revolution, people are starting to understand that food is going to save us.” - Will Allen

“We cant build a sustainable community with out sustainable food source.” - Will Allen
“Worms are the life blood of any good working farm” - Will Allen

Theses are just a few of the wise words Will Allen has shared with the world he will be speeking at the Growing Power's National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference in September 10 - 12th 2010. Below is some info on the conference or take a look at their web page its packed full of good info.


Come to Milwaukee and help grow the good food revolution. Hosted by Growing Power—a national organization headed by the sustainable urban farmer and MacArthur Fellow Will Allen—this international conference will teach the participant how to plan, develop and grow small farms in urban and rural areas. Learn how you can grow food year-round, no matter what the climate, and how you can build markets for small farms. See how you can play a part in creating a new food system that fosters better health and more closely-knit communities.

check out what you will learn there

Understand how non-profit organizations can work cooperatively with city and state governments, as well as for-profit and non-profit agricultural enterprises.
See how to create successful farm-to-school initiatives by drawing on Growing Power experiences in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago.
Learn how to grow relationships with corporations that can help support locally grown food initiatives.
Discover how to create and utilize renewable energy in local agricultural systems.
Learn about the development of multi-story vertical farms.
Find how social justice and food justice can be fostered through the local and regional farm system.
Visit successful small farms in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.
Enjoy food grown by local and regional farmers and prepared by local chefs!
Over 2,000 participants expected with opportunities to network and mingle
Exhibit hall available

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