Tuesday, March 28, 2017

20 Tips to living a zero waste life

How to lower your trash bill!

first let me make a small disclaimer while i myself care deeply about the environment . goring trash free for use is more about saving money of a trash bill! so some of our tips to not take the environment in to account only your own trash can. 

1. Fight fashion. What’s new and trendy is ultimately what’s tomorrow’s waste.

2. Friend just have a baby? Or have you? Why buy new clothes when used from a charity will do?

3. Junk mail it is not just your email that gets spammed, lot's of business stuff your mailbox and door with free publications that no one ever reads. So shred them, save them. and then read our post coming out next month on how to turn this trash in to new paper at home!

4.  Watch the video above. 

5. Think about everyday objects you use that are wasteful, and refuse them. Paper wrapped plastic straws? Takeaway cups? Individual condiment, sugar, salt and pepper packages? Plastic bags? Plastic forks, knives, spoons, or chopsticks, usually individually wrapped? f you use this stuff just stop!

6. Refuse the crazy packaging of food. buying a product that has layers of packaging. Like that bag of frozen fish that inside the big bag each piece of fish is sealed in its own plastic. leave that big bag in the stores trash can. might feel strange the first few times but when we go shopping we spend around 5-10 min. at the stores trash can dropping of packaging that is just waste. 

7. You go to a shop to buy underwear. They wrap it up in tissue, put a sticker on it, and place it in a bag. That’s a lot of wrapping for something you could essentially put in your handbag. Just say no to superfluous packaging!

8. Tired of receiving gifts you’ll never use? Take a note from Vampire Diaries actor and refuse material gifts–ask friends and family to donate money to a charity you love instead of spending it on yet another unsuitable item that you’ll either return or rubbish.

9. Get a coffee or tea outside your home every day? Bring your own thermos to reduce waste.

10. Bring a shopping list with you each time you visit the supermarket, and stick with it. You’re less likely to buy on impulse, thus superfluous purchases are reduced, and money is saved too! 

11. is your home cluttered? Donate what you really don’t use.

12. Watch the video above.

13. Instead of buying a TV, iPod dock, radio, etc for each member of the family, revive the concept of the family room and keep one electronic item in a communal space. It will bring the family closer together for more shared entertainment experiences!

14. Are any of your clothes totally unwearable, or even un-presentable for charity donations? Rip them up and clean the house with the rags. or make patchwork new items!

15. Ditch anything disposable, such as plastic bottles, cotton pads, plastic bags and paper napkins. Instead, use washable, cloth or glass alternatives you can use time and again. This will ultimately also save you money.

16. Received a gift with beautiful packaging? Keep paper, envelopes and bows and wrap the next item you give someone with them. Also try to carefully open any delivery envelopes or boxes you get when you order stuff online and save them to use when you need to send something.

17. Got some amazing clothes that you just never seem to wear? Stylish bags that just aren’t your style? Jewelry that’s been sitting in the in your drawer untouched, for ages? Why not throw a style swap party, inviting all your friends over to exchange all their best, but unused, clothing and accessories?

18. Ensure you have the proper bins for recycling paper, tinfoil and tins, plastic and glass, and call your local council to see how you can recycle furniture, white goods, electronic waste and batteries–never just dump any of those in a bin!

19. ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ as the saying goes, and if you have any creative flair whatsoever, this is even more true.  make something new out of something old we have lots of videos on this 

20.  Love the pattern on that dress? Cut it into a top. Jeans horrendously torn at the knees?  the sky’s the limit: an old leather jacket could be refashioned into an iPad holder; knackered plush toys become a comfy chair for kids. we made a curtain out of old jeans and now i have pockets next to where I work!    

Bonus Tip 

Watch the video below.

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