Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to not have to pay Monthly bills

In today’s post my friends I’m going to talk to you about the 5 keys to freedom plan.

Before we go over the plan let’s look at the goal of the plan.
The goal is an idealistic one and a simple one, to list a set of steps that are easy to follow and can be understood and implemented by the common person that is living from paycheck to paycheck. These step will show the reader how to first lower their monthly bills, this will create wiggle room in their monthly budget so they can save back money to invest in their freedom. Next the plan will show the reader the steps to eliminate one monthly bill at a time until they are free of monthly bills all together.  Lastly, now that the reader is free of monthly bills the plan will show the reader how to use their new free from bills budget to start a profitable home or community business using the talents and skills that the reader enjoys using. 

Okay enough about the goals, WHAT IS THE 5 KEYS TO FREEDOM?

1: Self – The First step in becoming free is awareness. Awareness of that fact that it can be done, and of yourself, you need to know what your income is and you’re spending, your wants and need, and much more.  
2: Food- There is no such thing as a black thumb, only gardeners that have not found the method that works for them. In this section we show how to find out what type of gardener you are and the methods that will work for you. Then we cover tips on how to set up your urban farm to make you extra income as well as meet your food needs.
3: Energy- next we go over how to use solar, wind, water, kinetic, and bio-gas to make all of your homes energy needs.  Next we cover how to get these items on a limited budget.   
4: Water- in this section we cover first how to collect and store rain and snow then we cover how to make a water from the air collection unit that will run off your alterative power source. We also cove some tips for how to manage water use in the garden and home.  
5: profit – now that you’re free from bills we show you how to first save a small nest egg and then use it to start you own business or how to start a community owned business. Also we cover a lot more in this section from selling tips to how to make small passive income without working more than an hour or two a week.  This is not a section on how to get rich. But merely bring you in an extra $100- $1000 a month. Now that may not sound like much to some but ask yourself this how much money do you budget for just having fun each month. Less than $100 a month for most homes, so having this extra income no matter how small is big when all your bills are gone and the income is pure spending cash.    

Now each key is broken down in to sections (between 10-30) and each section has steps and task and research to be done.
I designed the 5 Keys Plan to be taught in a class room, as it is part of my plan to open a school here in Flint MI with a Sister school opening  in Eureka CA by other Manabu Farmers.  These schools will be taught at no cost to the student. Instead will foster community spirit and encourage the opening of community ran business. A system where everyone wins! 
I see now that this plan could reach more people if it was an online courses. If you have ever taught or even taken an online course and know what steps is needed to start one. Or how to update the textbooks I made for the offline courses to what would be expected in an interactive online course. Please message me or even call Manabu farms our number is listed on our Facebook page here
Manabu Farms page



  1. WOW! I love this Facebook post! I'm getting ready for our monthly meeting of the Minneapolis UBUNTU Circle right now, and starting this discussion is quite an inspiration. We face similar challenges here simply because of the metropolitan locale. I would love to join this discussion / task force / action group and I'll reach out when I have a bit more time. Thanks for bringing this up and putting it out there!