Friday, March 17, 2017

Freedom Technology

New inventions that prove the RBE life can happen NOW!

We all know that one day we will live without the need for money! Until then, we need to learn how to live without being trapped by the money monster. 

There are a few things that we as humans must have: 1. Food  2. Water 3. Shelter. We also, to live a happy life, we should have power, heat, and a way to express and improve ourselves AS LONG AS YOU ARE PAYING MONTHLY BILLS YOU ARE NOT FREE! If you have to get up and go to a job that you do not like, you are NOT FREE! So how do we become free?  Well as you will see in the video below, there are basically two paths. One path takes time and hard work (The path I took because it cost less money) and path two that takes little time but takes lots of money.

This is only the fist video on Freedom Technology.  In part two we will cover more on water, food , and housing. How to live a zero waste life, In part three we will showcase how to improve our health and make a profit from home with passive income.

Also, we will be making videos on how to make many of the products shown  in the Freedom Technology video series, at home, the cheaper DIY way.

skip a head to the part you care the most about
0:48 start of items that will lower food bills
1:47 start of items that will lower water bills
5:22 start of items that will lower power bills
lots more to come in our next update

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