Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Manabu Gardening Philosophy 

Section goals: To give you a basic understanding of the Manabu Gardening Philosophy. Basic because the philosophy of the Manabu Gardening Method is quite expensive. To truly get a full understanding of it would take a whole

The Manabu Gardening Philosophy is a combination of Eastern philosophy and Western gardening techniques, with many other techniques from around the world and throughout time. Like all things that contain the Manabu word within them, it is a hodgepodge of the best ideas from around the world and follows the core concepts of:  
  1. Learning is the most important thing. 
  2. Doing well for others accomplishes good for ourselves. 
  3. Find the happiness within all things and you will always be happy. 

Like many great philosophies in life the Manabu Gardening Philosophy is best learned in small broken down increments or quotes. That when viewed together as a whole gives you a better understanding of the Manabu Gardening Philosophy. 

Quotes are In random order: 
  1. Gardening should be enjoyable. 
  2. Gardening should be rewarding. 
  3. Gardening should be easy. 
  4. Always grow more than you need. 
  5. Your garden should take care of your family first, then your community, then profit. 
  6. A Manabu gardener will often give away more food than they sell. 
  7. No two gardeners are the same, so no two Gardens should be the same. 
  8. Study one’s garden like studying for a test. Test one’s garden by one's health and happiness. 
  9. A weed is a plant that use has been lost time. 
  10. The greatest lesson the garden teaches us is our relationship to the planet. 
  11. A gardener is like a painter who paints a picture of the wild forest but the paint is food. 
  12. Grow everywhere and every way. 
  13. Make your garden the classroom, not only for yourself but for your children and your community.  
  14. Use the seasons as they come and make your own seasons where you can. 
  15. Where you can mimic the forest. No one tends to forest but yet it grows. 
  16. Water is key to life. 
  17. Soil is the most useful thing your garden can produce. 
  18. Grow and eat the rainbow. 
  19. Grow what you like and then grow new things to try. 
  20. Make a space within your garden that calms the mind. 
  21. Strive to make every part of your garden serve you in multiple ways. 
  22. We are at war! A war on hunger. To win this war all we need to do is grow more food. 
  23. Always remember to make use of all space not just the ground space but your air space and your water space. 
  24. When one gathers seed do not take all that is there, it is best to leave some in hopes that you will gather volunteers next spring to help fight this war on hunger. 
  25. Treat your livestock with respect for they give all they have to you. 
  26. Every problem within the garden holds within it the solution. 
  27. Often it is not our job to supply water to our garden. Only to slow the water that is given to us so that it stays longer within our garden. 
  28. Tree leaves are the solar panels of nature. They gather the sun’s energy and then give it back to us when we compost them. 
  29. Strive not to just make gardens but to make ecosystems. 
  30. See the garden your grandchildren will use and make it today. 


  1. What a great post! This makes me want to put on my jeans and get on my knees in the garden. There is something relaxing and centering about getting your hands in the dirt. Thank you for sharing the philosophy of Manabu Gardening.

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  3. good post on Manabu Gardening. Very detailed one.